About The Pub Professor

Pub Professor started when a small mom and pop restaurant didn’t want to pay a professional trivia company to host trivia, so instead an awkward bartender offered to give it a shot.

That was two years ago and I now host two weekly trivia nights a week plus the occasional private event for a business party or non-profit fundraiser.

Trivia is at its core, a little goofy, and here at the Pub Professor I don’t try to take it too seriously.  People don’t want a three hour long brain-breaking trivia session. They want to scratch their head over who wrote that Relax song from Zoolander.

(it was Frankie goes to Hollywood)

About Me

My name is Jeff and I go to bars and ask strangers questions.  I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now and people keep showing up so I haven’t found any reason to stop.

My background is as a teacher and who would have thought that a classroom full of 5th graders is essentially the same thing as a bar full of drinking adults.